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Trade and Industry

COPE wants policy certainty, rule of law and labour stability with fairness. We will encourage companies to invest with full confidence in the economic environment.


We will encourage innovation and knowledge creation to produce tradable goods of excellent quality at competitive prices.

COPE will ensure that entrepreneurship takes root and that investors will see us as a favoured investment destination. Under COPE our country will see itself as part of Africa and trade extensively with African countries.

To achieve higher rates of employment and inclusive growth, COPE will focus on decreasing ferment in labour by re-engineering NEDLAC, directing resources toward the creation of a stable and highly skilled labour force and introducing a universal share scheme that will allow labour to see itself as shareholders. Our goal of owner-workers is the way to go.

We favour workers receiving their bonuses in the form of shares which they can sell if they wish to. COPE will strenuously promote public-private partnerships, small businesses and cooperatives.

We will also address regional inequality, diversify the economy, promote investment and reduce dependence on extractable resources.

The industrialising of our economy and the broadening of participation must occur in a spirit of give and take.

Download Trade and Industry policy document

Download the COPE Trade and Industry policy document in PDF format.