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Policing is about fighting crime and upholding law and order.


Co-operation with communities is essential for successful policing. Under COPE police will recruit into the service quality candidates who have strong support from their respective communities.

The South African Police Service derives its powers and functions from section 205 of the Constitution. As such, the police will offer a service, not act as a paramilitary force. The removal of guns from criminals will be our greatest priority. We will seek the co-operation of the nation to achieve this goal.

Communities will have a complaints number to access supportive and sympathetic police service.

A second big goal for us is to professionalise the police service.

The continuous training of police is critical in achieving police success. An ongoing and rigorous enforcement of the police code of conduct and ethics by a dedicated and disciplined management will yield positive results. Police will receive encouragement to act proactively in preventing crime.

COPE wants to see the seven-point plan implemented with vigour.

The fight against corruption within the service will receive continuous attention.

The Directorate of Priority Crimes Investigation will get additional powers.

Download Policing policy document

Download the COPE policing policy document in PDF format.