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COPE will use the Housing Act of 1997 to create a sustainable national housing development process.


In our view, improving access to housing finance and developing extensive partnerships with the financial sector is essential. Policy and funding reforms will have to occur at once.

COPE will provide upgrading plans for informal settlements as well as approved plans with quantity surveyors’ bills of quantities for those who can build to do so with speed in given areas. COPE will reshape the spatial economy so that urban settlements can become functionally integrated, balanced and vibrant.

To ensure that a functioning and equitable residential market will come into effect COPE will effect integration, institutional reforms and speedy changes to land management and infrastructure investment. COPE will continue to develop social housing as well as medium density rental housing within a viable human settlement.

COPE strongly supports greenfield developments as well as the social and economic restructuring of South African cities and towns. We believe that it is high time for the building of communities to go hand in glove with the building of houses and amenities. COPE, therefore, believes that the concept of co-housing must gain traction.

COPE supports the themes covered by the UN in a Habitat for a Better Urban Future.

Download Housing policy document

Download the COPE Housing Policy document in PDF format.