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COPE recognises the importance of world-class healthcare for all citizens.


COPE will use the World Health Organisation model to ensure that –exclusion and social disparities in health are reduced;

  • health services are organised around people’s needs and expectations;
  • health services are integrated;
  • continuous dialogue refines implementation; and
  • effective stakeholder participation is guaranteed.

We will therefore implement swift measures to combat preventable and communicable diseases and to promote healthy lifestyles by increasing health literacy through all the means available to government. In respect of clinics we will have regular supplies of medicines and an adequate number of health professionals.

In respect of hospitals COPE will provide access to emergency services, reduce long waiting times in hospitals through the use of information and communication technology systems, improve management, separate patients into

  1. repeat treatment queues,
  2. frail and aged,
  3. mothers with babies, etc.

to speed up processing of patients;

COPE will also reform referral systems, maintain hospital infrastructure and ensure better cleanliness, security, and service. COPE will also develop a strategic partnership with the private health care providers to extend affordable health provision for all and retain healthcare professionals through incentives, continuous training and good working condition. COPE will also implement a comprehensive HIV and AIDS Strategy.

Download Health policy document

Download the COPE Health Policy in PDF format.