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COPE recognises the critical importance of education and training in building a prosperous country, creating jobs, and achieving social stability. We therefore undertake to provide –

  • a national education teacher support centre;
  • in-service teacher training;
  • modern management courses for school principals;
  • innovative and proven methods to make mathematics and science learning popular and successful;
  • educators with computers and software to undertake management tasks;
  • an electronic whiteboard in every class;
  • intelligent lecterns to enable educators to access a recessed flat-screen monitor;
  • a specially developed student computer to every student; and
  • text books and stationery before the beginning of the school year.

COPE will seek to remedy the extensive vocabulary deficit many of our learners have and widen access to primary and secondary education through expanding the number of no fee schools. We will also improve the school-feeding scheme. COPE will also ensure that all schools are properly constructed, with access to electricity, water, sanitation, laboratories, libraries, etc.

COPE will investigate whether educators should belong to professional associations and whether school days lost in protest should be compensated during school holidays. We will ensure that learners are protected from bullying, violence, substance abuse, pregnancy, inadequate nutrition, obesity, and gang influence.

Download Education policy document

Download the COPE education policy in PDF format.