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Congress of the People (COPE) is terribly concerned about the spiraling violent service delivery protests happening all over the country now labeled as shutdowns.

It is very clear to us that the patience of people have run out. They have been given empty promises over the past twenty five years by the Governing Party.

Congress of the People is not surprised by these protests because the Governing Party has deployed incompetent people in these municipalities.

The Auditor General has indicated that most of these municipalities are in serious financial trouble.

It is very clear that the ANC is exploiting the suffering and hardship of our people and they use it as a political football.

In almost all municipalities people must do without clean drinking water and in some areas they have to share drinking water with animals. In some areas people have to steal electricity. In other places the sewage system has collapsed.

Places like Alexandra township have turned into slum areas with no development whatsoever. The place has turned into a shack town where some people have lived in those shacks for more than twenty years – without any prospects of ever getting a better house.

The promises are indeed empty because it has come to a point where people must pay bribes to get houses or women have to sell their bodies to get municipal services that are due to them.

Congress of the People is of the opinion that these protests are orchestrated by ANC because they want to again lie to people to vote for them. The latest is the example of Alexandra where people demanded to see and talk to the State President, Cyril Ramaphosa. Instead, the President came with ANC People to campaign for people to vote for the ANC and not addressing the concerns of the people.

It is not surprising that the President only discovered the filth and rats in Alexandra last week. This strategy of the ANC to destabilize where they are not governing is bound to boomerang. They forget that after the 8th of May, there is still going to be South Africa and the people will still be aggrieved as a result of the Governing party’s failure to deliver on its promises after 25 years of freedom and democracy.

It is clear that the ANC leadership has no vision and their commitment to gain voters at all cost is going to destabilize the whole country. When the ANC disrupted the Cape Town council meetings, we warned them that they will reap what they were sowing.

When the EFF started misbehaving in Parliament, they were just copying what the ANC has been doing in the Cape Town council. The reference of the President Ramaphosa to “our people” is consistent with the ANC Leadership to spread anti-white sentiments to gain votes from those people who has been made to believe that our socio-economic problems are purely as a result of white people.

We, the leadership of the Congress of the People rejects any form of racism and shortsighted approach to resolving the problems of our country by blaming white people for the failure of the Governing party to provide “a better life for all” by creating a culture of corruption, intolerance and racial hatred. South Africa belongs to all of us united in our diversity and we all have the same rights and obligation to our country.

COPE urges our people to stop destroying our property and use their vote to bring changes. The only way to bring change is to use our votes intelligently. After 10 years of misrule and corruption, South Africa needs a fresh start. Our people must know that the only way in which they can bring change in their lives is by voting out the looters and racists out power.

Congress of the People is going to approach the IEC, and the Human Rights Commission to complain about unethical and immoral actions of Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC.

Issued by: Congress of the People (COPE) Secretary of Communications, Dennis Bloem.
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