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COPE condemns the recent move by the cabinet presided over by President Cyril Ramphosa to “permanently downgrade” South Africa’s mission to Israel. It is shortsighted and damaging to the country’s role in international relations.

Since 2009, trust and respect for South Africa’s international standing took a serious hammering because own goals scored by a corrupt President who was cheered on by his Executive which included Cyril Ramaphosa. Today the so-called “New Dawn” is exposed as a fake as it continues with the same destructive policies.

This decision confirms that under the present government South Africa cannot be an honest broker in the search for a peaceful resolution of the Isreal – Palestinian disputes. To isolate one country is not helpful at all and creates mistrust.

Under a COPE government, we will return South Africa to follow the route taken during the Mandela and Mbeki governments. We will ensure that our international relations are rehabilitated so that we regain the trust and respect we formerly enjoyed.

Issued by: Dennis Bloem
COPE Secretary of Communications | GP Premier Candidate
(082) 451-5718


The Congress of the People (COPE)

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