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The Congress of the People (COPE) is dismayed at how the EFF has consistently projected corruption, inefficiency and theft as black excellence. Their latest comments about the dismissal of Tom Moyane from SARS as an attack on black excellence despite evidence presented at the Commission on SARS is despicable.

The EFF has been consistent in masquerading corruption as black excellence. Their attack on Treasury officials when they unmasked VBS heist, the attack on Minister Gordan when he tried to clean State Owned Enterprises with enormous evidence that they were captured by those implicated in state capture activities. Whilst we are aware that the EFF Leadership has appointed themselves as anti-corruption crusaders despite some of them having been effective actors in bankrupting the Limpopo government in the past, COPE thought that they had their Damascus experience when they formed EFF.

Recent comments; expose’ of VBS complicity and their new definition of equating corruption, inefficiency and theft to black excellence cannot be left untouched. South Africa has a history of black excellence in all spheres of our lives and what EFF is defending does not fall under these.

COPE understand and accept that ANC has institutionalised corruption but for EFF to project this as black excellence is disingenuous of them as self appointed corruption crusaders.

COPE calls on all black professionals and civil servants to distance themselves from the EFF’s definition of black excellence. Those implicated in corruption and theft and corruption must be fired, arrested and prosecuted even if they attempt to hide their nefarious actions behind race. COPE believes that corruption and theft are criminal activities and should be treated hence for our call for the government to clean the police and NPA so that those involved in criminal activities can be given the treatment they deserve. END-

Statement by Papi Kganare
COPE Secretary of International Relations.
+27 (73) 282-6616


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