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We learnt with shock and dismay of the passing of the ANC Cllr Siphiwe Monthla from ward 37, Soshanguve. He was gunned down on his way from a public meeting.

COPE is really devastated by this senseless killing of public representatives.

It does not matter if the murder was politically motivated or business motivated or whatever: Murder is murder and is a crime. It is unacceptable and must be condemned by all of us without mincing of words.

It cannot be that everywhere across our country; it be in Gauteng,  in Limpopo, and  in the hills and valleys of Kwazulu Natal, or in  any other province across the country, we count bodies of public representatives who got killed for one reason or another on daily basis.

What kind of country is this?;

A country that murders its own children and leaders?

How long must we suffer at the mercy of senseless gun men?

Who amongst us is the next target to be murdered?

Every day, Our counselors are killed like flies.

Sooner or later, no one shall be willing to avail himself or herself  as a candidate to become a counselor BECAUSE when you are a counselor in this country, it is like you have signed for your own death warrant.

Our society is sick and it needs a moral regeneration cure; NOW!

I personally  knew counselor Monthla since the days he was working at Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). At DTI, he used to be a shop steward, defending the rights of workers there.     I also knew him as an activist in the Community where he lived. I met Cllr. Monthla AGAIN when I came to counsel three years ago. After the 2016 Local government Election, Cllr. Monthla was deployed to serve in the Section 79 Committee of council in Economic Development and Spatial planning where I am presiding as a chairperson. Since then, I worked closely with Counselor Monthla. He was a vibrant person and always participated  in debates. He worked well together with me and other members of the portfolio committee. He always showed respect to me as a chairperson and I honor him for the way he conducted himself in that committee. I am deeply hurt by the loss of this gentle giant.

COPE calls upon the law enforcement agencies to hunt the perpetrators of this heinous crime and bring them to book; NOW!.

To the family of Counsellor Monthla, especially his Wife, children, His mother and his siblings the Congress of the People says: Homotsegang!. Lehu ke kobo, re e aperi. Only God knows why Siphiwe’s life ended in this way. God has given, and God has taken:

Death of Councilor Monthla has touched all the councilors in the City of Tshwane house, across political affiliation.

Let us forget about our political differences and also let us put politics of stomach aside and concentrate on matters of national interest:

A goal to create a crime-free society,

A goal to bring development in our city,

A goal to eradicate poverty and create a better life for all citizens of Tshwane: Black and white, united in our diversity.

By the Congress of the People Cllr in the Tshwane Metro, Nkwane wa’Nkwane.

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