Our Four Pillars

Orange diamond with hand holding scales for justice. Icon

INCORUPTABLE-we value development

Purple diamond with white hands in a circle for democracy. Icon

CONSTITUTIONAL-aligned to the values of democracy

Yellow diamond with hand holding earth for ecology. Icon

ACCOUNTABLE- we promote transparency and resposposibilty

Blue diamond with white hand showing the peace sign for world peace. Icon

RELIABLE-people centred and dependeable

The Congress of the People is a social democratic party established after the attainment of our democracy which believes that South Africans can only live fulfilled lives in a society that intrinsically values justice underpinned by a constitutional democracy. The Party is proactively committed to widening opportunities for all the people, particularly the poor and marginalised.

Let your voice be heard on election day;
Vote COPE.

Our Values

The Party is committed to the Social Democracy core values of Freedom, Equality and Solidarity

The behavioral values of the members of the Party are to always be Constitutional, Reliable, Accountable and Incorruptible.

Our Mission

To govern for a continuously improving quality of life for all South Africans and create conditions for the development of a sustainable middle-class quality of life for the majority, especially the poor and marginalised

Joining COPE will be made easier.

we are finalizing the form and the process for the administration office to access and organize information easily and members in general to access their status.